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Updates (Mellel Templates and Style Sets): 8.23.11

August 23, 2011

Good news. The updates made in the new Mellel 2.9 allow us to have 1″ margins on every page.  And this represents the biggest part of the updates I have made to the Mellel templates and style sets (all templates and style sets have been updated, minus the Synopsis templates and sets). Here is how you go about updating your own sets.

If you are in the middle of a dissertation or thesis it will not benefit you to download the updated templates. Instead, download and replace the style set you are using to write you dissertation or thesis (place the new style set in user/library/application support/mellel/style sets). Once you have replaced it, open your document in Mellel and drop down “Style Set” and choose the set you just replaced. Choose “match by style name” (the middle option). This will correct your paragraph and page settings in the edit menu but not on your paper. This means you have to manually assign the appropriate settings to your paper. But this is very easy.

In the “Layout” option at the top of your screen, there is a sub drop down option of “page layout.” If you have followed the appropriate steps so far, you should see page style options fanning out from “page layout.” The options will be “New Chapter,” “Appendix cover page, “Appendix,” etc. I have tried to make these as self identifiable as possible. In other words, to correctly set the pages in a given chapter of your document, simply place the cursor on the first page of a new chapter and select “New Chapter” as the page layout. This will change all the pages within that chapter. Repeat this step for every chapter. That’s it! Just do this for all the respective places in your document. So place the cursor at the first page of your bibliography and select the “Bibliography” page layout. And so forth.

If you have not yet started your thesis or dissertation, simply download the updated template and the updated style set. Likewise, if you will be writing more general papers you will need to download the DTS paper template and the appropriate style sets.

NB: If you happen to be looking at the document setting for any of these templates or style sets you will see that the top and bottom margins are set at .75″. This is intentional and should not be changed! The margins are set at .75″ instead of 1″ because Mellel places headers and footers in the body of the paper instead of within the margins. So in order for you to have 1″ margins on the printout, the headers and footers are set to .25″ and the margins are set to .75″ for compensation. Thus, the reason for header and footer fields on every page. If a header or footer is removed, the margins of your body will be off.

As always, if anyone finds any errors in the templates or style sets, please inform me so I can make the appropriate changes.

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  1. Daniel Heideman permalink
    August 24, 2011 2:13 am

    I have not bought the latest OS X version which this update requires. Is there any other way to get around this without paying extra?

  2. August 24, 2011 3:09 am

    Daniel, I have not yet updated to Lion either and I am running the new Mellel (2.9) just fine. I guess I should say, it is running fine so far. I have not done any extensive writing on the new version yet. So there may be some problems that I am unaware of that would effect the new Mellel running on an older OS.

    What makes you say that Mellel 2.9 requires Lion?

  3. August 24, 2011 4:52 am

    Okay, I should have done this before I posted a response but I just reread the update email RedleX sent out and it clearly states that Mellel 2.9 will only run on OS 10.5 or later. Sorry about that.

    So to answer your question, no, I don’t know of any work around. Sorry I can’t be any more help.

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